If someone asked me what the top thing is on my bucket list, I would definitely say traveling to every continent in the world.
It may seem impossible, but believe it or not, I’ve already been to five continents, 14 countries, and 35 cities so far.
So where all have I gone? Here is my list (but don’t be jealous 😉 ): Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Finland, Russia, and Estonia.
I’m also planning to go to England in the near future, so there will be one more added very soon!
But anyway, I don’t expect many people to see this blog. That’s okay, though, for I just want to use it to motivate others and show the world just how beautiful it can be.
You know, people always say that they have no time to go anywhere. They also always use money as an excuse to not get up and get out there. But life exists to be enjoyed! It’s not there for you to always just stay in one place; it’s a short runway, so make sure you use it all.
But that is it for now. I’ll post about the places I’ve been so far little by little, so follow me to see the journey. I really hope you enjoy!






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